Great Places To Take Photos

Finding the right place to take your photos can take a bit of research.  Timing is also very important as a sunrise or sunset can have a dramatic effect on the composition. So, here are a few locations that I’ve found offer great views of New York, London, Hong Kong and Florence.


New York: Locations, Rockerfeller Center, Empire State Building, Staten Island Ferry

The Empire State BuildingNew York is such an iconic City offering many great photographic opportunities. Firstly, there’s the Rockerfeller Center.  This skyscraper has the advantage of often being less busy than the Empire State Building. In addition, taking photos of the New York skyline which actually includes the Empire State Building, is also a bonus. The one drawback of taking photos from the Rockerfeller center is that at the top, the area is enclosed in glass which increases the chance of reflections appearing in your shots and somewhat impares lens focusing.

New York from AboveAlways very popular is the view from the Empire State Building.  Often very busy so it can be hard to find a good location to take photos, but it has the advantage of not being enclosed by glass.

New York Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is a great way to see the New York skyline.  The ferry service is free which is another advantage, and as the boat leaves, it’s possible to take photos of the skyscrapers of New York’s financial district.



London: Houses of Parliament from outside the London Aquarium, The London Skyline from Greenwich Park.

Houses of Parliament

Just outside the London Aquarium there’s a great photo opportunity of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge. There’s a suitably wide wall overlooking the Thames which is great for resting your SLR camera on.

Canary Wharf at Night

Greenwich Park affords superb views of the City of London, in particular Canary Wharf and London’s financial district.  By going to the Greenwich observatory, there’s a number of excellent vantage points overlooking the City. By going at the right time in the late afternoon and evening, it’s possible to take some pretty stunning photos of London at sunset.

London Skyline from Greenwich Park


HongKong: Views from Victoria Park and Kowloon Sea Front

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong is crammed with high rise sky scrapers, with only a small amount of land surrounded by mountains, building upwards seemed to be the only way.  So, for landscape photography and taking photos of City skylines, Hong Kong is ideal.  At night time the sky scrapers on Hong Kong City are lit up providing an excellent visual display of neon glows and laser beams.  An ideal location to photo this spectacle is the seafront on the Kowloon mainland, specifically The Avenue of the Stars.

Hong Kong from Victoria Park

A great vantage point to see Hong Kong from on high is Victoria Park accessed via funicular in Hong Kong city.



Florence: The Duomo from the Campinile Tower, The Arno River and Surrounding Buildings from the Ponte Vecchio

The Duomo of FlorenceA truly beautiful City. Stunning photos of the Duomo can be taken from the top of the Campinile Tower in Florence.  It’s a bit of an effort to climb the tower – some 414 steps – but well worth it.

Florence at SunsetNormally packed with tourists, the Ponte Vecchio bridge offers great views of the Arno river.  Timing a trip to co-incide with the sun setting is a good idea.


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6 thoughts on “Great Places To Take Photos

  1. I have not yet been to New York myself. Looking at your photos make me want to plan for my next photography trip. Love photo number 3, Big Ben and Duomo. Keep up this awesome blog. It’s great to see all your beautiful photos.

  2. I don’t think a good photographer picks his places all the time. He can create a good photo even at the most undesirable places on earth. But nice list though. London is really an amazing place to travel and take good pictures from. Lots of views and scenery.

    • Very true Penny. Well, after picking what to take, other factors will come into place, the weather, the lighting, the crowd and so many factors. Sometimes I feel luck plays a role too. :)

  3. Although all these places have great photo opportunities I have to agree with Penny. The best shots Come from being spontaneous where ever you are. Having your camera with you everywhere you go gives you more chance of capturing some amazing images when you least expect to, much like a writer who always has a pen and notepad for when inspiration strikes. But if you want to get some amazing scenery shots I highly recommend Wales and Cornwall.

  4. Good call on your NYC advice! The city abounds with opportunities for great pictures, but for the neophyte your advice is spot on!

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