Canon 40D review

Front view of the Canon 40D

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Now several years old, the 40D is a prosumer level camera produced by Canon.  There have since been a number of revisions of the 40D, with the current model being the Canon 60D, however the 40D is still a very competent camera and stands up well to time.

Canon 40D details

The Canon 40D is a 10 megapixel camera which is 2 megapixels more than its predecessor, the Canon 30D. Weighing 740 grams and with a magnesium alloy body construction, it certainly feels like a tough camera, although as with any expensive digital equipment, it’s not something advisable to drop, at any distance. For someone already familiar with the Canon XXD range, the button layout of the Canon 40D remains largely the same.  Buttons are well positioned and it is relatively easy to access all major functions of the camera whilst looking through the viewfinder. As with all previous models, the Canon 40D takes Compact Flash memory cards but the size of the LCD screen to the rear of the camera has been increased slightly  to 3 inches.

Rear view of the Canon 40D

A major improvement from the previous Canon 30D model is the live view function (accessed via the menu) which allows the LCD screen to act as the viewfinder.  This makes taking pictures considerably easier in some circumstances, notably macro photography. Continuous shooting mode runs at 6.5 frames per second, which is also an improvement over the Canon 30D which only managed 5 frames per second.  The Canon 40D ISO range spans 100 – 3200 and it is easily altered whilst looking through the viewfinder and pressing the appropriate button on the top of the camera. The Canon 40D is also compatible with wireless transmitters, effectively removing the need to use Compact Flash and therefore storing photos directly on a nearby computer. Furthermore, the Canon 40D can also shoot video IF connected to a computer. The ability to shoot video is not a standard function however, as it is with the Canon 60D.

Side view of the Canon 40D

Canon 40D image quality

Below are a few examples of photos taken with the Canon 40D using a Sigma 70-300mm and Canon 28-105mm lens.  These photos are un-edited and hopefully will provide a good idea of the sort of picture quality that can be expected when using this camera at varying ISO levels.

Buy Canon 40D

The Canon 40D price has dropped over the years as newer XXD models have been released and it is currently an attractive option for somebody wanting to purchase a quality camera for half the price of the latest model.
When compared to the current XXD model, the Canon 60D, the Canon 40D has the following advantages:

1) Is half the price
2) Has a superior build quality
3) Has a faster continuous shooting mode
4) Can connect to an external Flash

However, it also has the following disadvantages:
1) Uses an older Digic 3 processor (compared to a Digic 4 on the Canon 60D)
2) Can only take photos up to 10 megapixels (compared to 18 megapixels on the Canon 60D)
3) Cannot shoot high definition video unless connected to a computer

Canon 40D verdict

Top down view of the Canon 40D

The Canon 40D is a great camera. It has a wide array of customisable functions and makes SLR photography a fun and enjoyable pursuit. There aren’t any major drawbacks to the Canon 40D and especially when considering the price of a Canon 40D for sale today, it’s certainly becomes an attractive option. For a cropped sensor digital SLR camera that isn’t too expensive, the Canon 40D is an ideal choice.


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