Weird and wonderful frogs

Frogs can make some of the best photographic subjects. They’re excellent at sitting still when asked nicely, and generally aren’t too agitated by having a rather cumbersome macro lens thrust in their face. They come in all shapes and colours (even a few transparent ones!), and often adorn rather remarkable patterns and camouflage.

The other great thing about frogs is that although the best shots will probably be found deep in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, a trip to the local zoo can often yield amazing results, which makes them accessible to everyone!

Below is a collection of some super frog portraits, don’t forget to check out the photographer’s websites for more cool pics. To see some other strange and wonderful frogs and toads, the 10 weirdest and most unusual frogs on earth is a good read.

Plain Belly

Plain belly

Photo by Alejandro Arteaga
Photo taken with a Canon Rebel XTi


Here's Looking at you
Here’s Looking At You

by screaminscott

Photo taken with a Nikon D70s fitted with a “Lester Dine 105mm F2.8 manual focus macro lens”


Croak Croak

Croak, croak

by Edgar Thissen

Photo taken with a Canon 20D
1/160ƒ/13 ISO 2004 20 mm




by Frank

Photo taken in New South Wales, Australia with a Pentax KX
1/8 ƒ/8 ISO 200 70 mm

“I found this guy in my backyard this morning. I had my eye on him/her all day and towards sunset I set up the camera on the tripod.”




by Marcel


White frog

White Frog

by Kevin
Photo taken with a Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro

“Foam-nest Tree Frog [Chiromantis xerampelina] Also call white frog or gray frog.Is a frog that lives in the tropical rainforests of l Africa. Its upper body is a brownish color, tinged rust, and it has small dark spots around its head and pelvis. The frog lives in trees, and builds its nest on branches overhanging water. It is called the foam-nest tree frog because its nest consists of air bubbles, wrapped in leaf. When its larvae hatch, they fall into the water below, where they grow from tadpoles into frogs. It absorbs moisture off hands when touched. It also changes color at night in order to be camouflaged nest”


Time To Go Home
Time to go home

By Sakura


Dressed to Impress (Pool frog with inflated cheeks)

Dressed to Impress (Pool frog with inflated cheeks)

by Roeselien Raimond 

Photo taken with a Canon 7D 1/250 ƒ/10 ISO 200 420 mm

“The sound of frogs used to be such a common thing at late summer evenings that it just became a kind of background music.
Until the frogs somehow seemed to have disappeared. 
I didn’t hear them any more and the silence was impressive.
This year the frogs have returned and more then ever I enjoy their loud calling, when they give it all to impress them frog ladies.”



Rainforest´s eyes

by Pedro Segura

“Rana arborícola calzonuda (Agalychnis callidryas). Red-eyed tree frog.
P. N. Tortuguero, Provincia de Limón, Costa Rica.”



Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Photo by Sanrda
Taken with a Nikon D5000
105mm, 1/30s, F5.6



Cochranella euknemos (captive)

Photo by Brad Wilson

“Photographed at Atlanta Botanical Garden”


Ornate Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata)

Ornate Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata)

Photo by Lars


Red Rimmed Leaf Frog

Red-rimmed Leaf Frog (Phyllomedusa boliviana)

Photo by Lars


Moving about in the dark

Moving about in the dark

Photo by Alejandro Arteaga
Photo taken with a Canon Rebel XTi




Photo by Alejandro Arteaga


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