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At the London 2012 Olympics with a Canon 50D


I was fortunate enough to visit the London 2012 Olympics during the athletics, so thought it would be an ideal opportunity to try out the Canon 50D (thanks James). I’ve previously tested out both the Canon 40D, and Canon 60D, so putting the 50D through its paces seemed like a good idea!

I took with me my trusty Sigma 70-300mm telephoto lens, as well as the Canon 17-40mm F4L for any wide-angle shots.

Canon EOS 1DS video review


This is a video review of the original Canon EOS 1DS (Mark 1) professional SLR camera. Launched in 2003, the 1DS has been around a long time now, and a number of it’s capabilities have been surpassed by more recent cameras. However, if you’re looking for a full frame digital SLR at a reasonable price, the Canon EOS 1DS is certainly an option. Watch our video review to find out more.

Canon 40D review


Now several years old, the Canon 40D is a prosumer level camera produced by Canon. There have since been a number of revisions of the 40D, with the current model being the Canon 60D, however the 40D is still a very competent camera and stands up well to time. The Canon 40D is a 10 megapixel camera which is 2 megapixels more than its predecessor, the Canon 30D. Weighing 740 grams and with a magnesium alloy body construction, it certainly feels like a tough camera, although as with any expensive digital equipment, it’s not something advisable to drop, at any distance.

Canon 1000D review


In June 2008, Canon launched a new breed of digital SLR camera to the market. Aimed at those new to SLR photography, the Canon 1000D was an entry level camera that came with an attractive price tag. In America, the Canon 1000D is called the Digital Rebel XS. A step up from the hybrid cameras such as the Canon Powershot, the Canon 1000D offers the ability to use Canon’s range of lenses (EF and EF-S mount) but doesn’t have some of the higher level functions that the mid-range to professional cameras possess.

Canon 15mm Fisheye review


The Canon 15mm Fisheye lens is compact, well built and offers the opportunity to take some pretty stunning yet unconventional images.

Weighing 330 grams it’s light and very portable making it easy to carry around in your kit bag. A slight drawback however being that the accompanying lens cap does not fit all that tightly around the lens resulting in it easily falling off.