How to take photos at night


In this article I will cover a couple of techniques on how to take photos at night. This includes: How to take photos in low light, how to take photos with both the subject and the background brightly illuminated, how to take photos of moving objects (traffic lights at night) and how to take photos of lights (the bokeh effect). In this post I have used the following equipment: Cannon 1000D DLSR, Canon 18-55mm Kit lens, Tamron 70-300mm lens, Joby Gorilla Tripod, Simpex 1200 standard tripod. Please note that the aperture has been opened up completely for all the photos, mostly f/5.6.

Canon 40D review


Now several years old, the Canon 40D is a prosumer level camera produced by Canon. There have since been a number of revisions of the 40D, with the current model being the Canon 60D, however the 40D is still a very competent camera and stands up well to time. The Canon 40D is a 10 megapixel camera which is 2 megapixels more than its predecessor, the Canon 30D. Weighing 740 grams and with a magnesium alloy body construction, it certainly feels like a tough camera, although as with any expensive digital equipment, it’s not something advisable to drop, at any distance.