The commitment of photographers

I know it’s an advert, but I think it’s really well done. Generally speaking, I find Canon’s adverts to be somewhat forgetable, but this one I really like. If you do want to take that extra special photo you quite often have to put yourself in some difficult situations!

It’s advertising the Canon Rebel T4i, in the UK it’s referred to as the Canon 650D, a consumer level digital SLR.

Bird Photography – What you need and how to use it


It is of little wonder why so many people take the time to photograph birds, the natural variation present in this group of organisms together with the fact that they can be found on your doorstep make them a very accessible subject to photograph. However it can be quite daunting when you first decide you want to start photography or want to step up your hobby with the aim of getting a DSLR.

Canon 40D review


Now several years old, the Canon 40D is a prosumer level camera produced by Canon. There have since been a number of revisions of the 40D, with the current model being the Canon 60D, however the 40D is still a very competent camera and stands up well to time. The Canon 40D is a 10 megapixel camera which is 2 megapixels more than its predecessor, the Canon 30D. Weighing 740 grams and with a magnesium alloy body construction, it certainly feels like a tough camera, although as with any expensive digital equipment, it’s not something advisable to drop, at any distance.

Canon 40D video review


The Canon 40D has been around for a while now, launched in 2007, but it is still an excellent camera capable of taking excellent photos. This video review examines the various capabilities of the Canon 40D, covering build and image quality as well as a comparison between the more up-to-date Canon 60D. Is it better to spend the money and buy the latest addition to Canon’s line of prosumer cameras, or save the bank balance and buy the 40D instead? Watch the video review to find out.

Canon 1000D review


In June 2008, Canon launched a new breed of digital SLR camera to the market. Aimed at those new to SLR photography, the Canon 1000D was an entry level camera that came with an attractive price tag. In America, the Canon 1000D is called the Digital Rebel XS. A step up from the hybrid cameras such as the Canon Powershot, the Canon 1000D offers the ability to use Canon’s range of lenses (EF and EF-S mount) but doesn’t have some of the higher level functions that the mid-range to professional cameras possess.