Canon EOS 50D

Launched 2008 Resolution 15MP
Sensor type: Cropped Focusing elements: 9
Weight: 730g Lens fitting: Canon EF/ EFS
Storage: Compact Flash
Other details:
  • Metal body construction
    ISO range 100-12800
    3" LCD screen
Rating: 85% (from 3 reviews)

User Comments

I bought last year a 50D because I didn't want to spend 500? on a used 7D. The 50D is decent for my needs. The picture quality is not much different from my Canon 100D / SL1 (latest 18MP sensor, better than the 7D sensor) despite lower pixel count and much older sensor. The focusing is more reliable and the 6.3 frames/s and the bigger buffer are a dream for taking photos of moving objects. Maybe I will buy a 5D MK I or MK II in addition.

Canon 50D requires very good Glass and i would recommend the Canon L range as combined create some fantastic crisp pictures
Very good Camera for the money and does exactly what it says on the Tin!
Clyde Wiley09/02/2011

The 50D is a profoundly disappointing upgrade in the range of cameras meant to bridge the entry level and the professional level cameras.

The 50D does everything it should, it takes crisp and clear photographs, it's fast and it is very effective. But it is not all that much of an upgrade from the 40D. It's sturdy, well built and functional but if you own a 40D and plan on upgrading, I would wait until the next range is released by Canon.

The Canon 50D is the last decent camera in the xxD series. I bought my first 50D shortly after they were released about 2 years ago, and recently bought another to serve as a second body.

The 50D provides a lot of great functionality for the price, and its high ISO performance is very good for a crop-sensor camera. I found the size of the xxxD bodies to be a little too small for my large hands, but the 50D fits comfortably (I don't like using a battery grip).

The large 3" LCD screen on the rear of the 50D is great for reviewing your photos, and the LiveView functionality can be useful when composing a photo with the camera mounted on the tripod.

The replacement for the 50D was recently released, namely the 60D. However, the 60D loses multiple features that are standard in the 50D, including AF micro-adjust, a PC sync socket, magnesium alloy body, and more. Instead, the 60D has a plastic body, and also uses SD cards instead of CF cards. It means anyone currently using a 50D should be looking at the 7D or 5D mark II if they want to upgrade, as moving from a 50D to a 60D isn't really an upgrade, and you can't use your collection of CF cards!